Live Culinary Cook-Off

The Live Cooking Competition puts the skills and creativity of aspiring cooks to the test. Competitors will go head-to-head in this heated culinary face-off to present a restaurant quality dish.

Contestants will be given an allocated amount of compulsory ingredients (depending on age group) but will be allowed to use any other ingredients from their pantry; however, the compulsory ingredients would need to shine.

From there, contestants have two hours to create a gourmet dish that represents their personal cooking style. Your dish can be either sweet or savory.

What we are looking for:

  • To be able to see the intention of the cook.
  • Proper representation of the ingredients given.
  • Proper cooking methods and techniques.
  • Proper balance of ingredients.
  • An array of textures.
  • Ease of eating the dish.

Judges Scoring Sheet: Cook-Off

  • Recipe’s Title   – 10
  • Originality (thinking out the box), using the allocated ingredients in a creative way   – 10
  • Creativity in presentation (artistic appeal) – 20
  • Technical difficulty – 10
  • Workspace organization – 10
  • Complete within the allocated time limit – 10
  • Restaurant approved (portion size) – 10
  • Grammar/language – written report – 10
  • Judges to complete a short questionnaire after tasting- 10
    Total Points: 100

Upload Format:

  • Upload the affidavit on the entry/submission form
  • The report should be scanned and uploaded as a PDF; WORD or JPEG
  • Add a photo of the completed dish
  • Upload on the form provided 
  • Criteria for entering:

    • You are going to need a “buddy” to help you with video-ing.
    • The device you use to join on Microsoft Teams must have a camera. Test beforehand to make sure everything works properly.
    • You would need to pick two judges who will taste your dish at the end of the live cook-off and be comfortable with being on camera.
    • Print out judges questionnaire to have available for judges before the competition starts  (don’t forget pens).
    • Be available to participate during the week of the 8th – 12th of November.
    • A written report must be submitted 45min after the live judging.
    • It must be a max of 200 words containing:
      • Your recipe
      • Your method
      • Your experience

    Print the affidavit and upload online with entry:

    Print Pdf or Word:

    Pdf format:

    Word format:

    Brief explanation of the Culinary Cook-Off:

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