Virtual Video

Definition of a Virtual Video:

  • This is a video recording made on a device with YOU as the main star.
  • The following can be chosen:
    • A life-hack video where you show us a hack to improve our lives or how to do something more efficiently.
    • A “How-to” video on how to do something you are good at. Show us how to fold an origami bird as an example.
    • A documentary where you show and tell us interesting facts about your home town.
    • Something fun and amazing about your family.
  • Just remember that YOU should be the main person in the video and we want to hear YOUR views, knowledge and thoughts.

Virtual Video Ideas:

Choose 1 from the list below:
  • Life-hack of how to……..
  • Documentary
  • My Family
  • My Home Town

General Criteria for all Categories:

  • Godly Character
  • NO Swearing
  • NO Blasphemy
  • Modest Clothing
  • NO Suggestive Moves or Lyrics

Judges Scoring Sheet: Virtual Video

  • Performance (30 points)
    • Voice Clarity (pronunciation, etc)

    • Clear Style (funny, dramatic, etc)

    • Presentation

  • Content (30 Points)

    • Clarity of Ideas/Topic

    • Visual Appeal

    • Structure clearly visible

  • Design (40 Points)

    • Knowledge of Subject Matter

    • Creativity

    • Emotion Invocation Factor

    • Overall Impact of Work

  • Total of Points (100 Points)

Upload Format:

  • Time: Max 3 min
  • The virtual video should be uploaded as a MPG,MP4 or AVI
  • Upload on the entry/submission form

Sample of Virtual Videos:


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