• Yes. The certificate is accredited by an accreditation body in the USA.
  • As soon as forms are received and Proof of payment has been e-mailed the student can start within 24 hours.
  • A report is sent on request to the parent regarding hours of work as well as Academic progress.
  • No, this is a foreign certificate.
  • Yes, Afrikaans is compulsory for the Advanced certificate. French or Spanish can also be an option.
  • This is the American High School Diploma which is a foreign certificate and you can apply via the Senates discretionary route.
  • A student can start at Grade 3 level.
  • Placement tests can be done to confirm a starting level point.
  • All tests and exams are done online.

The parent need to help and guide regarding planning.

  • We follow the SA government school calendar.
  • As long as you have a laptop/pc and internet you can work anywhere in the world.
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