Complete all the required documents and submit. 

Registration Form

Active Institute Registration Form: Complete the online Registration Form per student and submit.

PC Requirements

PC Requirements: - Download and follow the instructions: - A PC/Laptop per student (No sharing); No tablets or cellphones to be used.

Registration Requirements

Follow the steps to register successfully.

  1. Complete Registration  – Active Home Education Institute and submit one per student.
  2. Please read and sign the Financial Policy and e-mail to
  • E-mail the last completed school report AND
  • If the student is in Grade 10 or 11 please make an appointment via the website with the principal regarding course credits.
  • Transfer credits can be given for courses with a score of 60% and above in Grades 9 & 10, but a report needs to be handed in from an officially recognized institution.
  • Birth Certificate OR ID to 
  • Once you have received the Microsoft 365 EDU license (Free online student version) and downloaded TEAMS onto your PC & Mobile (parent and student), open the calendar in TEAMS and RSVP (accept) new Student and Parent Orientations conference call. 
  • New student and parent Orientation dates will be communicated to you.
  • This license will be emailed to parent and student once payment as been received.
  • A student email address is essential in order to receive the Microsoft license (Check Step 2 Registration form.)
  • Every student and parent will receive the Microsoft 365 EDU package (Free online student version).
    • From Grade 9, a student will need the Microsoft desktop version for Computer courses.
    • This can be bought through the Active organization at a discounted rate.
  • Download TEAMS on the desktop as well as the mobile APP as soon as you receive the Microsoft license.
  • Be ready for the next Parent & Student Orientation which will be communicated with you.
  • All communication with teachers, parents & students is via the Microsoft TEAMS APP. 
  • Once TEAMS has been installed , the Honesty Policy needs to be completed by the student and the parent needs to explain the content to the student.
  • The Code of Conduct/Academic Honesty Policy and the Honesty Policy is available on Student General Channel as well as Parent General Channel: “Honesty Policy”
  • Complete and submit.
  • Active Home Education Institute is following the South African school calendar. 
  • See the current year below.
  • If your child is younger than 15  you should register with the Education department which is a requirement of the Education Department, if you should choose to. 

Education Department Registration Process:

Find the information regarding registration with the Education Department below.

  1. Link to the registration forms for your Province:
    1. Contact details for the provinces.
    2. List of documents needed.
  2. Sample of a weekly timetable (adjust to your family’s circumstances)
  3. Learning Programs (choose the relevant grade)
  4. Documents needed:
    1. Copy of mother’s/tutor’s highest qualifications.
    2. Report of the last grade completed.
  5. Information:
    1. The Curriculum that is used is CAPS using different LTMS’s (Learning and Teaching support Materials) i.e. ACE and SwitchedOn Curricula.
    2. Breakdown of terms per year: This will be the current academic school year calendar.
  6. On the last page of the application form there is a submit button which will generate an outlook email for you if all the fields were completed correctly.
  7. Attach all certified documents on the same email. 
  8. If the email is not generated, save the form on your computer and create an email where you will attach the form and the required documents.
  9. If you apply for more than one child you must complete an application per child.
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